import soy

PySoy is a 3d cloud game engine for  Python. Its object-oriented API is designed for rapid game development while speed critical functions, such as physics processing and rendering, are implemented in C.

Cloud games can be played without having to wait for downloads or managing updates.  Python-based games will run on a server and be playable on Android phones, embedded in web pages,  XMPP chat clients, and even game consoles.

Our copyleft licensing protects players ability to download and modify PySoy-based games even when they are run in a cloud environment.


Our goal with PySoy is to target the accelerated 3d hardware available to casual game players including netbooks, tablets, and cellphones. This way, any PySoy-based game should be able to run on any device PySoy has been ported to. We believe it is more important for a game to be fun and available to a wide audience than employ cutting-edge shaders.

As part of the  copyleft games community we know the importance of  free software driver support. We support OpenGL ES 2.0 and (soon) WebGL with regular testing on both free and proprietary driver stacks.

For game developers we recommend an  AMD Radeon-based video card or APU due to the tremendous support they've given the free software gaming community.


Access to the development tree is available via mercurial. See the download page for how to use it.

We are working to stabilize toward our next tarball release which will be more appropriate for game developers.

contact (us)

PySoy developers can be found on in the #PySoy channel. If you need help, have questions, or are interested in getting involved there's a growing community on IRC to be part of.

We also have a  developer mailing list and an aggregate  development blog.