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debug 1345:ff8ef9c6bbb7   7 years arcriley Happy New Year! (copyright string update)
docs 2389:855680e61ffd   20 months habelinc xml now builds from ./waf build
examples 2628:a547fc80682e   6 hours karnpurohit updated
include 2618:396e31d52031   4 weeks ShivoamMalhotra Added stuff that I ad removed by mistake with my previous commit.
plugins 2612:590b7e62494a   4 weeks surya.dakshina Adding the readme.txt
sandbox 1475:ac945567fa02   6 years DavidCzech Libsoy starts compiling
src 2624:7a1825e215b0   10 days gautham.nekk Added web panel base template. Still have to integrate StropheJS
tests 2555:ecea2a99d9df   2 months contact updating tests to use python3 and prevent soy import error
.hgignore 448 bytes 2433:09e4954b11b8   19 months habelinc rope projects should be ignored
AUTHORS 867 bytes 1822:3b20bb7d1a22   3 years juhanipm Implemented multiply operator in Rotation.
build.bat 44 bytes 1137:03d0dbcb5c8b   7 years davidczech510 Auto-Build for winblows :P
HACKING 2.8 KB 1589:678869140388   4 years arcriley Updated HACKING for PEP-8 code style (and post-pyrex)
INSTALL 5.3 KB 2528:6ddb3bd098db   8 months ubuntor2000 add LD_LIBRARY_PATH commands to ubuntu quickstart
LICENSE 33.7 KB 1144:76db5343178c   7 years arcriley = AGPLv3 Update = This is a project-wide update to the GNU Affero General … 3.9 KB 2427:402e3761cd5e   19 months arcriley Updated copyright for 2014 - Happy New Year!
waf 93.5 KB 2519:e4584fb76f1f   10 months arcriley waf-1.8.0 432 bytes 694:ee364596c341   8 years kirklin.mcdonald Win32 postinstallation script. (Adds shortcut to examples to desktop.)
windows_building.txt 1.8 KB 1174:01a3bba6d208   7 years kirklin.mcdonald Some fiddling with building instructions.
wscript 2.4 KB 2523:8d18a995c232   9 months arcriley Added optional --withdocs to build docs using Sphinx

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eglib 4:6fa8da4c7514   4 years arcriley Adding .hgignore
libsoy 1839:d1099a6b1094   6 hours karnpurohit Simplified buoyancy api. Added viscous force to buoyancy itself.
pysoy 2628:a547fc80682e   6 hours karnpurohit updated
websoy 108:59771aa407c0   19 months arcriley Updated copyright for 2014 - Happy New Year!
wiimote 30:68f83af23dec   19 months dkremov added 2014 to copyrights
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