source: libsoy @ 1939:6cd29752aa0d

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
include 1082:a8b04dad54d2   7 years arcriley Fixed mass.h dMass struct Removed access to "c" and "i" from Vala/Genie?
misc 1603:863eec2c1d10   6 years arcriley Added glesv2 to soy-1.pc
platforms 1928:a0575e346a14   4 years iris Build properly versioned .so files to support most packaging systems
src 1939:6cd29752aa0d   3 years gautham.nekk Added Selected Class
tests 1753:7f7c662ea079   5 years gautham.nekk File added
vapi 1926:6d797b0f82c2   4 years georgeunix [videocore] added some comments
.hgignore 95 bytes 1537:0bac2d2d5b71   6 years skopekondrej A first draft of the tool and refactoring of shader code into …
AUTHORS 945 bytes 957:e8718e13a76f   7 years liamzebedee Added myself as a contributor 12.6 KB 1692:0473f0b6ed77   5 years arcriley Fix for 1.8.0 building Added -C flag to valac to compile .gs to .c files, … 2.4 KB 1706:e2199e8a8317   5 years ubuntor2000 add newlines to generated glsl strings
INSTALL 6.2 KB 1938:6c167cc5a03e   4 years gautham.nekk Testing push access 1.9 KB 1726:a1ce4691f08d   5 years arcriley Updating copyright strings for 2015 - Happy New Year!
LICENSE 33.7 KB 0:f20851377868   10 years arcriley GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (GNU AGPLv3)
waf 93.5 KB 1688:c9d3f508bb83   5 years arcriley waf-1.8.0
wscript 7.3 KB 1931:4f30ef1f090d   4 years iris Fix incorrect python variable set
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