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debug 1345:ff8ef9c6bbb7   7 years arcriley Happy New Year! (copyright string update)
docs 2013:ffb73c2ecec8   3 years habelinc added doc pages for new docs in fields/joints
examples 2096:ff07e7c88418   3 years scialexlight Fixed my examples for Pathfollower and Navigator
include 2092:87e167234899   3 years arcriley Updated to include libsoy headers within explicit directory, also …
plugins 1965:3f5fd46de68c   4 years juhanipm merge
sandbox 1475:ac945567fa02   7 years DavidCzech Libsoy starts compiling
src 2095:74e85a94a39d   3 years arcriley Cleaned up, changed target to "soy" (the module name), added cshlib …
tests 2086:10e5d8253b21   3 years ronnie.ghose added glowmap example
.hgignore 374 bytes 2093:bd95c0ce5d8e   3 years arcriley Updated .hgignore for waf build environment
AUTHORS 867 bytes 1822:3b20bb7d1a22   4 years juhanipm Implemented multiply operator in Rotation.
build.bat 44 bytes 1137:03d0dbcb5c8b   8 years davidczech510 Auto-Build for winblows :P
HACKING 2.8 KB 1589:678869140388   5 years arcriley Updated HACKING for PEP-8 code style (and post-pyrex)
INSTALL 4.4 KB 1991:1e459befc543   3 years arcriley Removed slackware directions (bitrotten), marked Ubuntu for 12.04 or above
LICENSE 33.7 KB 1144:76db5343178c   8 years arcriley = AGPLv3 Update = This is a project-wide update to the GNU Affero General … 4.1 KB 2046:e26d0233c5e4   3 years arcriley Removed redundant gio-2.0 from the package list (its included in …
waf 87.5 KB 2089:4c9608583175   3 years arcriley Updated waf-1.7.6 to run with python3 432 bytes 694:ee364596c341   8 years kirklin.mcdonald Win32 postinstallation script. (Adds shortcut to examples to desktop.)
windows_building.txt 1.8 KB 1174:01a3bba6d208   8 years kirklin.mcdonald Some fiddling with building instructions.
wscript 2.5 KB 2095:74e85a94a39d   3 years arcriley Cleaned up, changed target to "soy" (the module name), added cshlib …

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eglib 4:6fa8da4c7514   5 years arcriley Adding .hgignore
libsoy 1937:d9eda0eec545   2 months dkremov Revert last 5 commits since they break build. Probably caused by line 57 …
pysoy 2660:4a7818fd6d53   4 months iris Update pysoy to build native on raspberry pi
websoy 108:59771aa407c0   2 years arcriley Updated copyright for 2014 - Happy New Year!
wiimote 30:68f83af23dec   2 years dkremov added 2014 to copyrights
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