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(edit) @2667:5dc7173e45b7   4 years gautham.nekk Fixed version error
(edit) @2666:169b9f71ec8a   4 years gautham.nekk Debugging Module
(edit) @2665:156968f87221   4 years gautham.nekk Fixed Autocomplete and added Selected class Bindings
(edit) @2664:32b4e6d6fdbd   4 years gautham.nekk Added Autocomplete feature
(edit) @2663:77175ae3a4f9   4 years gautham.nekk ipython IDE Plugin
(edit) @2662:ae0d34c9337b   4 years gautham.nekk Changes to pysoy header file
(edit) @2661:5a7307673e64   4 years gautham.nekk Added missing Widget bindings and a small bug fix
(edit) @2660:4a7818fd6d53   4 years iris Update pysoy to build native on raspberry pi
(edit) @2659:b5d499da3153   4 years iris Support proper .so versioning to allow compatibility with most packaging …
(edit) @2658:d489c6dcd01b   5 years surya.dakshina Fixing moving meshes Bug
(edit) @2657:c3e046664998   5 years manyu.abhi17 Added example for quadtree LOD
(edit) @2656:3b5e2db86310   5 years dani.torramilans Improved example, finished docs
(edit) @2655:265ca13d9269   5 years gautham.nekk Completed the web panel and added documentation
(edit) @2654:5c6c5cbc6fd6   5 years gautham.nekk Modified examples and modified client bindings
(edit) @2653:e22a6e568950   5 years karnpurohit Moving to /examples from broken
(edit) @2652:c210317f048e   5 years gautham.nekk Removing unwanted files
(edit) @2651:5596a7d10fec   5 years gautham.nekk Added StropheJS connection with stats handler
(edit) @2650:57fa1dd872c4   5 years dani.torramilans Added generators, added generate function for Voxelization, and other …
(edit) @2649:b2c304746c46   5 years gautham.nekk Added all Client Bindings
(edit) @2648:79e6a7c3929b   5 years gautham.nekk Added all Server Bindings
(edit) @2647:f05b86eb8d75   5 years surya.dakshina To Display generated pysoy code in Text Editor
(edit) @2646:2aae7e6fe408   5 years surya.dakshina Updated readme.txt for enabling addon
(edit) @2645:b3398b038a68   5 years surya.dakshina Created addon for Script
(edit) @2644:a051301bfd1e   5 years karnpurohit Updated pydocs for buoyancy
(edit) @2643:490ed0d0dcd0   5 years surya.dakshina Fixed Crash Bugs + Built Client/Server? Template
(edit) @2642:6c0bf00750b5   5 years surya.dakshina Changed to DataStructures? from Files + Fixed major bugs
(edit) @2641:a543851e4f20   5 years dani.torramilans Experimenting with voxel atoms
(edit) @2640:e44b85b60f5b   5 years karnpurohit PyDoc updated for fields
(edit) @2639:bfdab3b131e2   5 years karnpurohit Seperated body and fields
(edit) @2638:618e184ba652   5 years dani.torramilans Added voxel atom
(edit) @2637:fa00c53a8ada   5 years dani.torramilans More changes to the Voxelization class, next up Voxel atom
(edit) @2636:2c8d00443ddb   5 years karnpurohit Added bindings for angular velocity
(edit) @2635:ff963d29875d   5 years manyu.abhi17 Added C binding for LandscapeQuad? class
(edit) @2634:2d2b00a7ac31   5 years surya.dakshina Fixed mesh bug and created external script template
(edit) @2633:69ae7e67b534   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Added example generated by PySoy Dungeon Designer
(edit) @2632:0820158c96a6   5 years surya.dakshina Adding Code for multiple meshes
(edit) @2631:30cd5f33cc85   5 years gautham.nekk Added mock client script
(edit) @2630:3a7d965d8bc9   5 years surya.dakshina Removing Redundancies and Increasing Modularity of Code
(edit) @2629:177b0c449aed   5 years karnpurohit updated example
(edit) @2628:a547fc80682e   5 years karnpurohit updated
(edit) @2627:0ea6487efb2f   5 years karnpurohit Updated example in the broken folder
(edit) @2626:575b5ddfe29f   5 years gautham.nekk Added accidentally removed files.
(edit) @2625:9023a9c03a7e   5 years gautham.nekk Implemented a base class for browser-based XMPP connection for web panel.
(edit) @2624:7a1825e215b0   5 years gautham.nekk Added web panel base template. Still have to integrate StropheJS
(edit) @2623:1f916c83c67d   5 years karnpurohit Added Mesh to
(edit) @2622:14b085c1e564   5 years gautham.nekk Updated Commands bindings
(edit) @2621:ecacc4951f76   5 years karnpurohit Added regions for fields. Updated buoyancy. Edited .
(edit) @2620:11837ba54232   5 years manyu.abhi17 Bindings for Triplanar mapping using keyword in …
(edit) @2619:58159387cc00   5 years karnpurohit Updated bindings for new buoyancy class. Updated
(edit) @2618:396e31d52031   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Added stuff that I ad removed by mistake with my previous commit.
(edit) @2617:093b5a464dcb   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Added python bindings for Scenecontainer. Modified python bindings for …
(edit) @2616:d9e12b7db728   5 years manyu.abhi17 Added grass media for landscape example
(edit) @2615:0e078edbc3ce   5 years adr.coman Updated landscape grass example with wind fields
(edit) @2614:1ef144dbdcf0   5 years adr.coman Added rotate action bindings
(edit) @2613:b1438be179b2   5 years adr.coman Updated landscape example
(edit) @2612:590b7e62494a   5 years surya.dakshina Adding the readme.txt
(edit) @2611:d90da2d91204   5 years surya.dakshina PySoy modeller of Blender Meshes
(edit) @2610:06f0288027eb   5 years manyu.abhi17 Added missing file
(edit) @2609:8613f116d2da   5 years manyu.abhi17 Fixing?
(edit) @2608:7d5ffed828d4   5 years dani.torramilans Updated voxel example
(edit) @2607:038081319a09   5 years manyu.abhi17 Added C bindings for Triplanar textures and made some changes in …
(edit) @2606:c35eb40b49fd   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Added connect_rooms function to Dungeon.
(edit) @2605:57960c36c1b2   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Added wasd movement to Portal example
(edit) @2604:c2a9dfd8f7c6   5 years dani.torramilans Updated Voxel example for dynamic lights, better camera positioning.
(edit) @2603:90fbae7d2a88   5 years gautham.nekk Added a test Python script for statisitcs logging through Sqlite
(edit) @2602:5ca3da3cff05   5 years surya.dakshina Editing cube parametrs to visualize better
(edit) @2601:011d7c4b96f1   5 years surya.dakshina Fixing Collisions to fit the Box
(edit) @2600:0497ad21cb2c   5 years gautham.nekk Updated Bindings for Client
(edit) @2599:e2d98862f6f9   5 years gautham.nekk Updated bindings for Client
(edit) @2598:6f8f0da3e6ee   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Added functions to add rooms and bodies to dungeon
(edit) @2597:1e30cb047b03   5 years surya.dakshina Blender meshes graph
(edit) @2596:314d758f99c6   5 years surya.dakshina blender mesh outline graph
(edit) @2595:646a66477a2c   5 years karnpurohit Moved Monopole and Fields examples to /example.
(edit) @2594:692145419f0b   5 years dani.torramilans Removed Fog and moved light on Voxel example
(edit) @2593:42babce1565b   5 years dani.torramilans Initial Voxel tests/bindings
(edit) @2592:c052febf6bd9   5 years gautham.nekk Fixed tp_base for net Bindings
(edit) @2591:867c6fa5e30b   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Added dungeon files. Fixed comment typo.
(edit) @2590:2740ed83a7f1   5 years adr.coman Added generic LandscapeBody? and Grass with fixed wind effect and example
(edit) @2589:bd64428a3703   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Modified values in example since body positions are now relative …
(edit) @2588:296314316f87   5 years karnpurohit Wind class: Clean up, documentation and minor refinement
(edit) @2587:2add7dada3ce   5 years karnpurohit Bindings for removeField method
(edit) @2586:1a989a379ada   5 years karnpurohit Toggle Field function added to bodies. Minor change in monopole example
(edit) @2585:045edba4788b   5 years gautham.nekk Added Bindings for Handler class and updated net bindings
(edit) @2584:2e4d08ff43fb   5 years karnpurohit Monopole example added
(edit) @2583:de588f109ff8   5 years karnpurohit Updated bindings for monopole class
(edit) @2582:6c4ee3bd6775   5 years surya.dakshina Mesh:Cube PySoy Modeller Script for Blender
(edit) @2581:3ffe1b7b4b2f   5 years gautham.nekk Fixed Segmentation Fault error
(edit) @2580:7a2e2113741d   5 years gautham.nekk Fixed Segmentation Fault
(edit) @2579:f446e8a97c0d   5 years karnpurohit Bit better example for fields
(edit) @2578:80aa7d461e75   5 years gautham.nekk Forgot to add the files
(edit) @2577:ae87a1feaf55   5 years gautham.nekk Added base bindings for net Classes.
(edit) @2576:9ffe367cd443   5 years karnpurohit Added new fields example. Shows working Wind and gravity.
(edit) @2575:8bfef2e47a52   5 years karnpurohit Fixed constructor of
(edit) @2574:e9809e3ca947   5 years ubuntor2000 fix warning
(edit) @2573:f3c93de1df83   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Modified example to better demonstrate the portal features
(edit) @2572:56a0de260069   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Moved example from examples/broken to examples
(edit) @2571:af6df519a8ea   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Modified example
(edit) @2570:9fa20b062bce   5 years karnpurohit Added temporary addField function. Required to implement fields.
(edit) @2569:8cffd34b0674   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Modified example
(edit) @2568:c0596702997a   5 years manyu.abhi17 Added new API call in landscape example
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