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(edit) @1941:6ebc5826da99   3 months arcriley Updated valac support checking in configure, now 0.36 to 0.46
(edit) @1940:adb575c8b11c   3 months sidaarth.sabhnani Make libsoy compatible with vala 0.36
(edit) @1939:6cd29752aa0d   4 years gautham.nekk Added Selected Class
(edit) @1938:6c167cc5a03e   4 years gautham.nekk Testing push access
(edit) @1937:d9eda0eec545   4 years dkremov Revert last 5 commits since they break build. Probably caused by line 57 …
(edit) @1936:3978aa0cf2c2   4 years Shreyas.Srinivasan Monopole class' force calculation equation had just one mass variable in …
(edit) @1935:bf51b0ffd23f   4 years Shreyas.Srinivasan Indentation error fix
(edit) @1934:310a0faa98e6   4 years Shreyas.Srinivasan Fixed the argument type of cosf function is direction attribute, in …
(edit) @1933:a87a9a1d2163   4 years Shreyas.Srinivasan Fixed indentation error in class
(edit) @1932:81a84ae927ee   4 years Shreyas.Srinivasan Changed Sun class, to simulate dawn and dusk, instead of abrupt sun rising …
(edit) @1931:4f30ef1f090d   4 years iris Fix incorrect python variable set
(edit) @1930:c76c5ef9b1bc   4 years iris Cleanup wscript to handle native pi builds
(edit) @1929:3bda63438c6b   4 years rohan.tibrewal Edited wcript to work for Raspberry Pi 2's Arm 7 Processor
(edit) @1928:a0575e346a14   4 years iris Build properly versioned .so files to support most packaging systems
(edit) @1927:5505602f2f17   4 years iris A slightly cleaner solution for raspberry pi setup
(edit) @1926:6d797b0f82c2   4 years georgeunix [videocore] added some comments
(edit) @1925:218978b6d94e   4 years georgeunix [videocore] Added DisplayType?
(edit) @1924:ab2bc5634efa   4 years georgeunix [videocore] Now using best resolution available on HDMI
(edit) @1923:7b854da6e97d   4 years iris Fixed Raspberry Pi instructions
(edit) @1922:9d9a29f277b9   4 years georgeunix [videocore] Fixed indents completely and added RCA struct
(edit) @1921:3fbcd907cd78   4 years iris Remove debug print
(edit) @1920:c33ba8495697   4 years iris Update videocore tests and api to allow more fine grained failure
(edit) @1919:0023af140ea0   4 years georgeunix [videocore] fix hg push
(edit) @1918:51d66a956d08   4 years georgeunix [videocore] Compilation broken: I need to fix indents
(edit) @1917:64455d9e5f94   4 years georgeunix [videocore] Added the ability to detect whether the screen is HDMI or RCA
(edit) @1916:96fa9041db68   4 years georgeunix [videocore] Fixed RCA and HDMI VAPIs
(edit) @1915:f21b83603876   4 years georgeunix [videocore] Added RCA and HDMI namespaces
(edit) @1914:85e19a510ace   4 years georgeunix [videocore] Add more APIs
(edit) @1913:d9e1e885e827   4 years georgeunix Moved GCI task to separate branch
(edit) @1912:8a692e559d2f   4 years georgeunix [videocore] New RCA and HDMI VAPIs
(edit) @1911:0256d2a4dbe1   4 years georgeunix Removed new lines in Raspbian section of INSTALL
(edit) @1910:d4510b43ce38   4 years georgeunix Fix minor typos in Raspbian section of INSTALL
(edit) @1909:4119da37d47e   4 years kashyapkinshuk.1999 Added install directions for Raspbian
(edit) @1908:e126b17c4053   4 years kinshuk.1999 added Raspbian install directions
(edit) @1907:738c586af25a   5 years contact adding recorder module state enum to clean up the mass of booleans used to …
(edit) @1906:5a7a97ad3868   5 years contact removing old test code and readding buffer flush threshold
(edit) @1905:fc1e27115cce   5 years contact merge
(edit) @1904:3fee87545ac3   5 years contact merge
(edit) @1903:0ad561fceacb   5 years contact fixing a bug where playbacks only played back first 10000 frames of …
(edit) @1902:3063b2ccc737   5 years karnpurohit added a few comments regarding bouyancy calculation
(edit) @1901:657b9503217d   5 years contact adding command decoding
(edit) @1900:5b023dd7a9e4   5 years contact adding playback support to recorder class
(edit) @1899:5e4a64a56bec   5 years contact integrating playback/recording with x11 client
(edit) @1898:b690ef478996   5 years contact EncodedCmd?'s fields are no longer properties to make for easier debugging
(edit) @1897:aacc634e92d2   5 years contact minor fixes
(edit) @1896:d738639d9874   5 years contact this commit should have been bundled with the previous one
(edit) @1895:e083b079dbaf   5 years contact fixing and exciting issue where vala would silently nuke arrays when …
(edit) @1894:de5d2678a992   5 years dani.torramilans Finishing touches, LoD and fixes
(edit) @1893:e25eef69d6b2   5 years contact fixing issue where arrays were garbage collected at the wrong time
(edit) @1892:843d71982fc2   5 years contact adding new tracked functions
(edit) @1891:9e38ba76d87d   5 years contact removing old test code
(edit) @1890:0176f6bb4491   5 years contact fixing issue with GLcharptr arrays not deserializing base64 properly
(edit) @1889:9bb89fe0f46c   5 years gautham.nekk Forgot to add Handlers in Client class
(edit) @1888:bc8f0dccfc97   5 years gautham.nekk something
(edit) @1887:5bdf45ba1fb7   5 years gautham.nekk Forgot to add Handlers in Client Class
(edit) @1886:6b20e8361746   5 years contact implementing serializeglReadPixels
(edit) @1885:e224d5a3523e   5 years contact fixing issue with the array serializer cutting off byte values of 0
(edit) @1884:e629c019191b   5 years contact fixing issue with array lengths not being serialized properly
(edit) @1883:69f321c2525e   5 years contact fixing compile error. good going dingus
(edit) @1882:280149800c49   5 years contact fixing issue with non-data gl function being serialized in data …
(edit) @1881:d80d117902a7   5 years contact implementing the final required serialization functions
(edit) @1880:a121f2e9d822   5 years dani.torramilans Added generators
(edit) @1879:0d87e0aafbf6   5 years karnpurohit Minor commenting and changes
(edit) @1878:ed0f94ed5a5e   5 years gautham.nekk Adding auto publishing mechanism
(edit) @1877:32a4b972f509   5 years gautham.nekk Added send_message and pubsub delivery mechanism
(edit) @1876:1709a8446404   5 years dani.torramilans Interfacing with voxel atoms
(edit) @1875:358e220c3b45   5 years contact implementing deserializeGlTex(sub)Image2D
(edit) @1874:32e8d97bd82b   5 years contact implementing deserializeglshadersource and …
(edit) @1873:5dd78299cdca   5 years contact implementing deserializeglbufferdata and deseralizeglcompressedteximage2d
(edit) @1872:0b61fc755aaf   5 years contact merging prior changes into my tip
(edit) @1871:0b36086207fd   5 years contact implementing array deserializers
(edit) @1870:69e6b4a6f046   5 years contact implementing playback functions sans the ones involving pointers
(edit) @1869:c965b046bff7   5 years karnpurohit finally seperated body and fields
(edit) @1868:04f300f3de11   5 years karnpurohit Reduced volume calculation accuracy, increased speed
(edit) @1867:49528796a0a9   5 years contact implementing executeInstruction switchcase
(edit) @1866:d38114c9139f   5 years contact adding GlPlaybackFuncs?.gs file
(edit) @1865:d3451d4123a5   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Minor change to reduce rendering weirdness when walls of 2 rooms overlap
(edit) @1864:84d8b0872e6a   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Fixed rendering of portals when a loop of rooms was present
(edit) @1863:41f674fc9221   5 years dani.torramilans More changes for Voxelization scene and Voxel atom
(edit) @1862:b81c353602f8   5 years karnpurohit Small optimization tweak for bouyancy class.
(edit) @1861:83de9f86c1d5   5 years contact adding playback class
(edit) @1860:db8c30ae2bd7   5 years contact adding encodedcommand struct
(edit) @1859:dd89e284e541   5 years contact fixing serialization typo
(edit) @1858:7452cb6d9ddf   5 years contact implementing serializeglVertexAttribPointer
(edit) @1857:9aafe7d692e0   5 years manyu.abhi17 Quadtree spatial splitting added in LandscapeQuad? class
(edit) @1856:a2943ca3b4c0   5 years gautham.nekk Added PubSub? publishing mechanism for stats
(edit) @1855:baa56e785dca   5 years ShivoamMalhotra Commented out portal rendering code that renders other portals that can be …
(edit) @1854:073f8bb038b3   5 years contact implementing glUniformMatrix4fv
(edit) @1853:27043956ec16   5 years contact implementing the rest of the glUniform serialization functions
(edit) @1852:769f78726058   5 years contact implementing glUniform1iv
(edit) @1851:bb3073d74ba3   5 years contact fixing an issue with glUniform pointers not being turned into strings …
(edit) @1850:9cdba75e68bf   5 years contact implementing gltexsubimage2d
(edit) @1849:43698c467267   5 years contact implementing serializeglTexImage2D
(edit) @1848:2db166377f67   5 years contact adding class to handle gl enum conversions
(edit) @1847:08f40bf29bf3   5 years contact forgot to remove old code
(edit) @1846:55fef5582990   5 years contact implementing serializeglshadersource
(edit) @1845:8a2df2d8fff5   5 years contact modifying array serialization formats
(edit) @1844:d4028b036735   5 years karnpurohit Bug Fix: Corrected the init point matrix method for Mesh bodies. This …
(edit) @1843:84ed8658b7d6   5 years karnpurohit Corrected submerged volume calculation for shpere
(edit) @1842:7d714a6e558b   5 years contact merging changes into my tip
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