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(edit) @1156:bc836e5e81b5   8 years arcriley Ticket #950 : * various cleanups for atoms
(edit) @1145:f20c78f72ffc   8 years arcriley AGPLv3 Upgrade (cont) The switch script missed one of the lines
(edit) @1144:76db5343178c   8 years arcriley = AGPLv3 Update = This is a project-wide update to the GNU Affero General …
(edit) @1142:71cee680c603   8 years arcriley Ticket #936 : * improved checking (tabulates _hasBumps now) * renamed …
(edit) @1047:acdd74ecd9cb   8 years arcriley Ticket #941 : * even more fixes due to svn problem
(edit) @1021:b019d081ef04   8 years physci quick fix indentation
(edit) @1020:c333a218e6c1   8 years physci Ticket #901 changed erroneous _stepLock calls to py.PyThread_acquire_lock
(edit) @1018:21da3f902cb3   8 years physci Ticket #901 added underscores for children._list, code cleanup
(edit) @1017:6004e93f56d9   8 years arcriley Ticket #901 : * cleaned for Children API (.current -> ._current, .remove …
(edit) @1016:d28edf39d5ea   8 years arcriley Code Cleanup : * normalized all void * typecasts to "<void*> variable" …
(edit) @1014:e691b4163f9f   8 years physci Ticket #901 find/replaced _children.current, _children._current
(edit) @1011:cdc5533d47a8   8 years physci locks changed for Children API
(edit) @985:6dca7d1b3c08   8 years arcriley Ticket #901 : * atoms.Vertex needs more work * atoms.Face needs more …
(edit) @868:d6c7b12f0fe2   8 years reportingsjr normalized docs indentation
(edit) @665:ebb447fa0ade   8 years arcriley Updating copyrights, authors, etc
(edit) @587:0b61f5f881cd   8 years arcriley closic #673 - note that Pyrex is now required!
(edit) @444:589db4bdb981   9 years arcriley Ticket #257 wasn't as closed as I thought it was. Face.material is now …
(edit) @443:5ecb81c7a48b   9 years arcriley fixed material refcounting bug
(edit) @423:3c67f8de0b1d   9 years arcriley Finished ticket #257
(edit) @413:7f06a7222e44   9 years arcriley Finished ticket #277 (so soon?)
(edit) @408:665d735a0206   9 years arcriley Moning Mesh "Face" stuff to soy._datatypes.FaceList?
(edit) @407:93032070e28a   9 years arcriley Moved Mesh "Vert" stuff to VertexList?
(edit) @311:0d0f7f0a9e69   9 years arcriley Fixing GPLv3 templates
(edit) @217:578405162d32   9 years arcriley hmm, weird bug here
(edit) @213:cb1af0fe9248   9 years arcriley A few bugs, but can now add verticies and faces
(copy) @211:c5e4e019c1f9   9 years arcriley adding atom.Face and the FaceList?, known bug with VBO-mode face editing
copied from src/atoms/Vertex.pxi:
(edit) @206:ed2aff24ddda   9 years arcriley if in the process of editing verticies, _coreLoop will wait until next …
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