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(edit) @1154:a9b8a893a3f0   6 years arcriley Ticket #952 : * added Texture._bytes and Texture._types * eliminated …
(edit) @1146:02b6c1c8723f   6 years arcriley Ticket #951 : * eliminated _getRGBA with basically a rewrite of …
(edit) @1145:f20c78f72ffc   6 years arcriley AGPLv3 Upgrade (cont) The switch script missed one of the lines
(edit) @1144:76db5343178c   6 years arcriley = AGPLv3 Update = This is a project-wide update to the GNU Affero General …
(edit) @1117:f98e81af1d6c   6 years arcriley No Ticket : "Cleanup in aisle textures.Print"
(edit) @868:d6c7b12f0fe2   7 years reportingsjr normalized docs indentation
(edit) @824:63fb867c9dd8   7 years arcriley #908 complete, though some color value got bumped in the process :-/
(edit) @722:d120ecb38c28   7 years arcriley removing debugs, moving mutex unlock to _unbind function
(edit) @721:6c430beb96b7   7 years arcriley two more debugs
(edit) @718:52c627840dfc   7 years arcriley adding texture update mutex
(edit) @665:ebb447fa0ade   7 years arcriley Updating copyrights, authors, etc
(edit) @646:279f9c294a77   7 years arcriley fixing the colors
(edit) @645:68a051eff07d   7 years arcriley Added foreground and background colors
(edit) @644:2ef355aab571   7 years arcriley added _clear
(edit) @643:b47ebbf16134   7 years physci bug fix
(edit) @642:b448598f7300   7 years arcriley Making text and font dynamic? not quite..
(edit) @641:f7d26f44e956   7 years arcriley Cleanup, moving surface and context to the self._
(edit) @640:34aa7ea54204   7 years arcriley Inverting the text the smart way
(edit) @639:9c53c176ee2b   7 years arcriley fixed size and added self._update flag set
(edit) @638:918944f2b313   7 years arcriley this is not a 3d texture :-) z=1
(edit) @637:02177352fda9   7 years physci cairo hello world
(edit) @623:56bb58f46007   7 years physci progress. taking break
(edit) @620:84e42583be05   7 years arcriley some help
(edit) @619:a3bee17a3eb6   7 years physci starting the Print.pxi implementation
(edit) @597:164c5c5e19eb   7 years physci changed some names to reflect previous svn mv
(copy) @596:66e19105837d   7 years physci Font.pxi is now known as Print.pxi
copied from src/textures/Font.pxi:
(edit) @587:0b61f5f881cd   7 years arcriley closic #673 - note that Pyrex is now required!
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