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(edit) @1166:46634b842b03   8 years reportingsjr Ticket #950: Cleaned up all files to comply with organisation standards, …
(edit) @1154:a9b8a893a3f0   8 years arcriley Ticket #952 : * added Texture._bytes and Texture._types * eliminated …
(edit) @1145:f20c78f72ffc   8 years arcriley AGPLv3 Upgrade (cont) The switch script missed one of the lines
(edit) @1144:76db5343178c   8 years arcriley = AGPLv3 Update = This is a project-wide update to the GNU Affero General …
(edit) @1129:e175e0af9195   8 years arcriley No Ticket : * cleanup and comments in textures, transports, and …
(edit) @1102:592dffa140be   8 years physci more declarator cleanup.
(edit) @868:d6c7b12f0fe2   8 years reportingsjr normalized docs indentation
(edit) @792:4a41b900846e   8 years arcriley #902 - renamed _process and _load to _core*
(edit) @665:ebb447fa0ade   8 years arcriley Updating copyrights, authors, etc
(edit) @629:2f4478036fbc   8 years arcriley This solves #276
(edit) @530:49ab5b714908   8 years arcriley work on #235 (.soy loading)
(edit) @521:0c008d068c70   9 years eastein removed useless line
(edit) @392:a5ee7ae87128   9 years arcriley Ticket #275 - Ogg Theora (and eventually other codecs) now loop
(edit) @391:79227a6dfc8b   9 years arcriley oops, commenting out benchmarking lines
(edit) @390:7b8149b6820e   9 years arcriley this boosts YUV420->RGB8 conversion time by 50%
(edit) @389:8860db546573   9 years arcriley small optimizations, still taking ~6 times longer for YUV420->RGB8 than …
(edit) @388:6f4fa60848e0   9 years arcriley fix for some videos not playing (K.I.S.S.)
(edit) @387:3372301d1321   9 years arcriley added a quick .offset property to watch time pass
(edit) @386:25db1d95ec45   9 years arcriley Video now runs at realtime (fix for #274)
(edit) @384:e6049a2962d5   9 years arcriley Ticket #273 : Video is now in color! Color conversion code could be …
(edit) @383:fa10c7141981   9 years arcriley Ticket #272, Video is now being transformed, Image is done the same way, …
(edit) @382:74bebeb6486d   9 years arcriley Theora video is working (it's greyscale, uncropped, and unpaced tho)
(edit) @351:6f62e4e10ddd   9 years arcriley getting closer to a working Video class
(edit) @340:3e215872cdb4   9 years arcriley *grumble*
(copy) @336:befd76baeead   9 years arcriley more moving..
copied from src/textures/Image.pxi:
(edit) @319:93ca0edb5d63   9 years arcriley 1D and 3D texture rendering
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