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(edit) @108:59771aa407c0   6 years arcriley Updated copyright for 2014 - Happy New Year!
(edit) @107:244c5d5b16e2   6 years arcriley libsoy now uses OpenGL ES 2.0, so gles-1.1.vapi is obsolete
(edit) @106:8428797f3957   6 years arcriley On X11 platforms (Linux/FreeBSD) we only support OpenGL ES 2.0 which GLX …
(edit) @105:55d77ffbb074   7 years juhanipm wscript: added issing pacakge name
(edit) @104:a3302922889e   7 years juhanipm workaround for wrong mimetype
(edit) @103:09b61252e902   7 years juhanipm fixes to get websoy compiling and some cleaning in script.js.
(edit) @102:cf2619bc2a4b   7 years ubuntor2000 better example
(edit) @101:4ad351a305f1   7 years ubuntor2000 why does rendering (or something along the path) crash websoy?
(edit) @100:bcf3c1aa632e   7 years ubuntor2000 break long lines, add projector to client window (not sure if it works)
(edit) @99:3decf1000555   7 years dkremov Silenced a warning
(edit) @98:32a1f909c7b2   7 years arcriley Updated location of config.h
(edit) @97:ce1f0ba17572   7 years arcriley Updated ode-0.11.vapi to the version used by libsoy
(edit) @96:45d839f9da13   7 years nikolai.lazarov96 fixes some errors, but unlocks other ones
(edit) @95:6a20fb849c1a   7 years caleb_bryant Updated XSLT
(edit) @94:805d6670bec9   7 years caleb_bryant Updated XSLT for the embeddable game-block
(edit) @93:0b4b39893fee   7 years arcriley Fixed namespaces, xpaths, eol, indentation.
(edit) @92:b88e1c6aac72   7 years caleb_bryant Updated XSLT for embedded websoy games
(edit) @91:6082048967b1   7 years caleb_bryant Merge branches
(edit) @90:fa2133f2fb5a   7 years caleb_bryant Revised XSLT file for preview.
(edit) @89:7100f6742385   7 years arcriley Fixed indentation (mixing tabs with spaces is a carnal sin)
(edit) @88:030555c1cf74   7 years arcriley Remove inkscape parts for a cleaner example
(edit) @87:1a80087f2e0d   7 years arcriley Updated how the JID of a game is linked in the metadata
(edit) @86:3d5e5f2218ce   7 years arcriley Updated chat.sgk format, now uses dublin core for game metadata
(edit) @85:e4df41983fe4   7 years caleb_bryant Added Catalog Example
(edit) @84:1536619d0e0b   7 years mayanks43 Silenced some compiler errors
(edit) @83:4a1311a1be15   7 years arcriley Happy New Year - 2013!
(edit) @82:1da9565757f0   7 years caleb_bryant Updated to match libsoy declarations
(edit) @81:a8f8b6694f9d   7 years caleb_bryant Fixed incorrect use of constructors. Now WebSoy? builds
(edit) @80:44cad6061ef7   7 years arcriley Finished updating to new libsoy api
(edit) @79:dcb4bd901198   7 years arcriley Updated for new libsoy API
(edit) @78:886321dc5418   7 years mayanks43 updated INSTALL
(edit) @77:2241c1b707cc   7 years arcriley Added uselib GL
(edit) @76:d7643ef71cdf   7 years mayanks43 Fixed some bugs in building.
(edit) @75:94e4a9420d7b   7 years arcriley Fixed small typo in win/osx block
(edit) @74:fdcdf7e86636   7 years arcriley Initialize now calls soy.init()
(edit) @73:8d59ebb805ee   7 years arcriley Several small fixes and cleanups, now renders spinning white cube on red …
(edit) @72:54d46dac5138   7 years arcriley Removing some random paste that accidentally made it into last commit
(edit) @71:e464af76f9c6   7 years arcriley Renamed PluginData? class to Client Split OS-specific client code to …
(edit) @70:bd73c50134b5   7 years arcriley Added X11 types and functions
(edit) @69:942e70d00204   7 years arcriley Renamed to to avoid confusion with "init" function
(edit) @68:4dc8d8acd765   7 years arcriley Added CopyBrowserFuncs?
(edit) @67:8a272af98178   7 years arcriley Changed nFuncs/pFuncs to a reference argument. This patch ate two days of …
(edit) @66:2f3214e49ceb   7 years arcriley Removing NPN_Version
(edit) @65:5a83494baece   7 years arcriley Fixed NP_GetValue prototype, removing include/ directory (again), small …
(edit) @64:3b46b067a7c5   7 years arcriley Switched GetValue? to using "out" parameters again Added instance render …
(edit) @63:e07cf68eaa59   7 years arcriley Added XClearWindow and XFlush
(edit) @62:fa5e1e644309   7 years arcriley One small change to workaround Vala's lack of "out void" type
(edit) @61:9cc9cded7add   7 years arcriley Copied npapi-sdk headers to include/ so we can modify them (ick)
(edit) @60:364e6a30f1b4   7 years arcriley Added some GLX code
(edit) @59:bbfc1c2c380a   7 years arcriley Added windows/x11 switches for libraries and vapis
(edit) @58:f98e3836179e   7 years arcriley Added XOpenDisplay and XCloseDisplay Upgraded license to LGPLv3 Switched …
(edit) @57:d7dac0605b2e   7 years arcriley Adding glx.vapi
(edit) @56:7bc39b9a8c75   7 years arcriley Updated copyright years
(edit) @55:ce726076f5c4   7 years arcriley Added WGL setup (untested, missing vapi and waf support)
(edit) @54:9dd25b0783f3   7 years arcriley Fixed compiler errors, now builds.
(edit) @53:52952266705f   7 years arcriley Line formatting cleanups only
(edit) @52:86cd601b80c9   7 years arcriley Updated instance for newer libsoy api
(edit) @51:e0e6af88debe   7 years arcriley Cleaned up, updated to use .sgk files, fixed Windows entrypoint
(edit) @50:48ad73dd0ad6   7 years arcriley Adding INSTALL file for WebSoy?
(edit) @49:18415618a6d8   7 years arcriley Updating and cleaning up vapi directory
(edit) @48:29af6d8bbc38   7 years arcriley Finished upgrading wscripts to waf 1.7 syntax
(edit) @47:e57dfd4977fc   7 years arcriley Removing now obsolete include directory
(edit) @46:52935368447f   7 years arcriley Upgraded for waf 1.7 syntax, added test for npapi-sdk/mozilla-plugin
(edit) @45:0ae8e270840e   7 years arcriley Upgrading waf genie tool
(edit) @44:36dfed534770   7 years arcriley Upgraded waf from 1.6.3 to 1.7.5
(edit) @43:9296af8e4c42   8 years arcriley Updating copyright years
(edit) @42:f314f388a2eb   9 years arcriley We no longer need config.vapi for libsoy, removing from websoy.
(edit) @41:6f8aed21db48   9 years davidczech510 Updated to reflect some changes in libsoy API.
(edit) @40:90bc21f0ae2f   9 years arcriley Adding cube with rotation. This crashes after a second or two.
(edit) @39:01bfaa481e77   9 years arcriley Updated use of soy.widgets.Window.embedded, now renders fully
(edit) @38:6a66074ed56d   9 years arcriley Applying valac version bug fix to websoy
(edit) @37:c2bdda8ba31c   9 years arcriley Removed windowless check for cleaner building (we really don't care since …
(edit) @36:1be3ab1ef40b   9 years arcriley Changed NPN.ScheduleTimerPtr? interval parameter to milliseconds so others …
(edit) @35:17971c35b2e5   9 years arcriley Changed NPWindow.window to GdkNativeWindow? for cleaner building.
(edit) @34:60bfe034374e   9 years arcriley Provided shim C prototypes for NPP.TimerFunc? and NPP.AsyncFunc?
(edit) @33:93e54df8872f   9 years arcriley Added NP.Event, NP.Region, NP.Menu, and NP.CoordinateSpace? Fixed …
(edit) @32:99c9eb3de19a   9 years arcriley Filled out more of NP.Object and NP.Class, added NP.Identifier
(edit) @31:054bfcf74d73   9 years arcriley Fixed prototype for NPN.EvaluateProcPtr? and added the following types: …
(edit) @30:a9fc615dc2ff   9 years arcriley Added java browser-side functions
(edit) @29:7f443b219689   9 years arcriley Added the NetscapeFuncs? delegates. For them to work, need to add: …
(edit) @28:db17a649a508   9 years arcriley Can now open an embedded soy.widgets.Window and not crash, needs a timer …
(edit) @27:263b9755afa3   9 years arcriley Added another level of checks to support even older (12 function) …
(edit) @26:87fe344edf20   9 years arcriley Added additional checks to GetEntryPoints? to support last gen browsers.
(edit) @25:e5f8e3498e3e   9 years arcriley Removed double free. It must be getting late for me.
(edit) @24:d5c60d97ad52   9 years arcriley Completed change of NP.Stream to compact class Moved GetValue? to …
(edit) @23:6db103db167a   9 years arcriley Changed NP.Stream to a compact class Added g_strndup to take a char[] and …
(edit) @22:5b6f7b4693f8   9 years arcriley Fixed small namespace typo
(edit) @21:d8cf17ea9cac   9 years arcriley Split pFuncs handling out to GetEntryPoints? so this (lengthy) code won't …
(edit) @20:fbf272de4057   9 years arcriley Instance (our NPP) is now being correctly sent to the browser. Many thanks …
(edit) @19:3c75c2fa4e7f   9 years arcriley Adding npruntime.h
(edit) @18:8b6dacad3563   9 years arcriley This builds, sort of, committing to get help.
(edit) @17:3c36b99d8cfe   9 years arcriley Adding npfunctions.h from Mozilla's source tree Removed some of the …
(edit) @16:4b3014bac78c   9 years arcriley Adding "config" to packages list.
(edit) @15:fbc7251dcafe   9 years arcriley Fixed prefix for config variables
(edit) @14:0ba7e3671b63   9 years arcriley Added unix vs windows conditional compiling for NP_Initialize function
(edit) @13:ed5dd10a92ca   9 years arcriley Adding (NPP Instance code), NP_GetValue shim
(edit) @12:3e6ee02e002e   9 years arcriley Small update to npapi.vapi (changed PVariable to Variable)
(edit) @11:d2d5cab9e8fd   9 years arcriley Continued work on npapi.vapi
(edit) @10:d92dcb57376b   9 years arcriley Removed NPP from npapi.h since we cannot stop Genie from redefining. This …
(edit) @9:acb407c6575e   9 years arcriley Fixed ordering from last commit, removed NPP, started NPN
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