Milestone beta3

9 years late (05/01/11 00:00:00)

Goals for this release:

  • thread safety, stability
    • all objects based on GObject to eliminate hackish GIL work-arounds
    • code refactored to  Genie
  • full cross-platform windowing and input
    • replace platform specific code with the  GIMP Drawing Kit (gdk)
    • migrate old soy.Window to soy.widgets.Window (#910)
    • window classes to support resize and closure callbacks
    • input callbacks to handle button/key press, hold, and release
    • input callbacks to handle axis and pointer location
  • new rendering features
  • more scenes
    • soy.Scene moved to soy.scenes.Scene (#903)
    • move physics processing from _coreLoop to Scene (#930)
    • will later offer optimized collision and rendering
  • better .soy format
    • texture wavelet compression
    • mesh and material support added
  • unit tests
    • Mesh vertex/face ordering ( GHOP#326)
    • Window creation/destruction, placement, title change
    • Widget stacking, resizing, reparenting
    • Color comparison, math, and hex string
    • Axis rotation

Features this release is unlikely to include:

  • Audio
  • Network
  • SVG textures
  • Behavior (aka, AI)
  • Skeletal mesh deformation
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