11/24/14: Today

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16:12 Changeset [2523:8d18a995c232] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultAdded optional --withdocs to build docs using Sphinx
16:01 Changeset [2522:3acadafca70f] by Samuel Kim <ubuntor2000@…>
defaultremove unnecessary relative include
15:56 Changeset [2521:144d9a194053] by Samuel Kim <ubuntor2000@…>
defaultadd missing newline from docstring
15:43 Changeset in libsoy [1692:0473f0b6ed77] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultFix for 1.8.0 building Added -C flag to valac to compile .gs to .c files, …
00:23 Changeset in libsoy [1691:9e3adfd03586] by Samuel Kim <ubuntor2000@…>
defaultfix light texture render


14:03 Changeset in libsoy [1690:476106db01cd] by Amaury Medeiros <amaurymedeiros@…>
defaultAdd build-essential to Ubuntu install dependencies Also remove trailing …
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