23:30 Changeset [537:3fa0464688f2] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultpatching up misordered lines from last commit
23:09 Changeset [536:acbccd623ce8] by Nathanael Thompson
defaultode.pxd updated with functions from collision.h ( there will likely be …
22:33 Changeset [535:a66269031c49] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultmore work on #235 and #236
21:48 Changeset [534:c19bd47f3d0f] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultchange indentation level of last block
21:25 Changeset [533:cf3ddda59bcb] by Nathanael Thompson
defaultMore functions added to ode.pxd from collision.h
19:06 Changeset [532:6b277d5cbc8e] by Nathanael Thompson
defaultfixed some functions
18:32 Changeset [531:d3e633c0ae28] by Nathanael Thompson
defaultinitial work on #251
12:34 Changeset [530:49ab5b714908] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultwork on #235 (.soy loading)
10:51 OggSoy created by ArcRiley
10:50 Formats/soy edited by ArcRiley
03:31 Changeset [529:81cc4a2317e8] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultInitial cairo bindings, needs more work


14:48 WikiStart edited by ArcRiley


05:00 Changeset [528:db879d4c7460] by Tom Sidwick
defaultscene.gravity affects bodies with a non-zero mass, camera is zero by …


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