23:55 Changeset [623:56bb58f46007] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultprogress. taking break
23:28 Changeset [622:6999b1e18e8f] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultFix (?) for #899
23:00 Changeset [621:9343ca0b4422] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultWindow now properly clears.
22:44 Changeset [620:84e42583be05] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultsome help
22:27 Changeset [619:a3bee17a3eb6] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultstarting the Print.pxi implementation
22:11 Changeset [618:78da2b84c7dc] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultMaterial rendering is now working with soy.meshes.Shape
22:10 Changeset [617:18ef4f9c758a] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
default.. doing something with Steel - we need better default textures
21:57 Changeset [616:fe3394257645] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultIndentation fix.
21:47 Changeset [615:b01c839b1919] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultWorking event handler
21:27 Changeset [614:e4faf1235eaf] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultAdd GLU to meshes library list.
20:26 Changeset [613:776945427e04] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultchanging from SIGQUIT to SIGTERM for windows
20:20 Changeset [612:44a0d0fd08a7] by Davy Wybiral
defaultImplemented Shape class for Mesh to render primitives. No material binding …
20:04 Changeset [611:6cf9524d0b86] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultFirst stab at new threading/event model.
19:58 Changeset [610:8cd50d0198c5] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultMore Windows API stuff.
19:33 Changeset [609:9a63f2a5c8a2] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultand we got clean closure, folks!
19:19 Changeset [608:4aa8aef29b50] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultmoved to the Quit signal, only slightly cleaner :-/
18:23 Changeset [607:92946b3357f7] by Davy Wybiral
defaultAdded definitions for a few GLU quadric functions.
18:08 Changeset [606:7a579cc15d4e] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultnow Quit works without segfaulting. still a dirty close, just silent.
17:51 Changeset [605:8b73a5c57b2c] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultupgrading for Pyrex
17:49 Changeset [604:12f6f3a4cc41] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultadded window closure event and controller
17:44 Changeset [603:f7f01fd223e1] by Davy Wybiral
defaultChanged shape class CCylinder to Capsule (which changed in ode 0.6)
17:03 Changeset [602:97683c3601e9] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultFix crash on exit.
16:05 Changeset [601:15e5b17dde00] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultadding Quit action (currently segfaults due to coreloop bug)
14:26 Changeset [600:3128b7010634] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultFinishing #897
13:29 Changeset [599:fdbce4ace613] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultcontinued work on #897, pageup/pagedown now control depth of blue block
12:48 Changeset [598:2d46bc354ae0] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultCrude actions.Force is now working, can control blue block in example
10:27 Changeset [597:164c5c5e19eb] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultchanged some names to reflect previous svn mv
10:11 Changeset [596:66e19105837d] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultFont.pxi is now known as Print.pxi
05:45 Changeset [595:bc2e604d3cc3] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultstarting work on #898
05:33 Changeset [594:9827fef7daa3] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultcontinued work on #897
04:24 Changeset [593:0fe2f72b2d4d] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultwork toward #897 with debugging printf's for keyboard input
02:10 Changeset [592:f57da3d03ea6] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultMore svn:keywords stuff.
02:01 Changeset [591:faf64d54ee5b] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultTurn new into cinit
01:57 Changeset [590:cd370f8de6c1] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultpropset svn:keywords Id
01:48 Changeset [589:0b67bff5ac8d] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultThe Windows event loop callback is now written in Pyrex.
01:47 Changeset [588:b10f3c55b3c1] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultOops. Two tasks collided, this was committed before it was finished
01:38 Changeset [587:0b61f5f881cd] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultclosic #673 - note that Pyrex is now required!
01:21 Changeset [586:754620e6d7b7] by Blaine Gilliam
defaultI created a media dir
00:34 Changeset [585:9e95bee719f1] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultadding controllers for #897


23:39 Changeset [584:e5bc9c444e9d] by Blaine Gilliam
defaultmoving more examples from unit tests dir
23:20 Changeset [583:422e38e3efb7] by Blaine Gilliam
defaultfix in blocks and move buoyant example
23:15 Changeset [582:829c870e2bfb] by Blaine Gilliam
defaultstarted work on ticket 896
21:55 Changeset [581:06f38e2d0640] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultChange _gettime to _time, add math.h definitions.
21:08 WikiStart edited by ArcRiley
20:02 Changeset [580:5c2ebda73b24] by David Czech <davidczech510@…>
19:54 Changeset [579:3cdae60a380f] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultFix stupid naming thing.
19:34 Changeset [578:e903938a2304] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultRemove printfs
19:33 Changeset [577:749167af6b42] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultReplace Sleep with windows.Sleep
19:24 Changeset [576:7bbb6f49d73b] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultAdded Sleep
19:24 Changeset [575:2edbf0f93098] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultFixing some formatting. Many more changes needed too.
19:10 Changeset [574:4d6add6f08ff] by David Czech <davidczech510@…>
19:09 Changeset [573:2ba87bb3d5e6] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultAdding _sleep for w32
18:59 Changeset [572:c72dbce3256f] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultcairo.pxd done translating cairo.h, double checked, symantic errors may …
18:49 Changeset [571:b82eca522b6b] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
defaultSmall declaration fix.
16:12 Changeset [570:ad54e24d9516] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultadded more cairo.h
15:43 Changeset [569:28eae3998eb8] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultadded more cairo.h
13:16 Changeset [568:ce9b8fc43396] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultadded some mo cairo.h
13:01 Changeset [567:455c9609073e] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultAdded missing cairo_font_extents_t
12:52 Changeset [566:132b4908ecd1] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultadded more from cairo.h, fixed some commented bugs, does compile
10:24 Changeset [565:f0a8fcc05571] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultmore cairo.h added
03:54 Changeset [564:92a04d4f61bb] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultMore details for the cheeseshop
00:06 Changeset [563:beb61f92f7c2] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultAdded cairo, removed speex/flac/openal (for now)
00:01 Changeset [562:4f5c3c3a4f01] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultmoving these to loading .soy too
00:01 Changeset [561:aa926d39d73c] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>


23:50 Changeset [560:9661511724c5] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaulta tad faster, tested with alpha
22:41 Changeset [559:19679b90e87a] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultadded some more cairo.h
22:40 Changeset [558:237ab58617ff] by Kirk McDonald <kirklin.mcdonald@…>
default_gettime implementation and some Windows API bindings additions.
22:22 Changeset [557:6ddaa70a0283] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultfixing the build
21:59 Changeset [556:78e1aa0c432f] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultscratch file, remove from top as content verified
21:58 Changeset [555:a37d8c74d6ca] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultCopied in order from cairo.h up to line 368
21:25 Changeset [554:64b0f1404bc2] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultremoved two lines I added earlier, finished #huh lines
21:13 Changeset [553:936565407c50] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultfixing compile bugs in [589]
21:05 Changeset [552:02dea975fad7] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultremoved ft ps pdf, added more of cairo.h
18:38 DerekRhodes created by ArcRiley
16:46 Changeset [551:4be8c0929d33] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultbecause soy.textures.Text is too similar to soy.textures.Texture
16:41 Changeset [550:97f0d415bfe4] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultFinished #235, example (testing) texture format loads lava.soy#gimp
15:43 Changeset [549:2d2bc11ce6f5] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaulthelping DerekRhodes with debugging
14:33 Changeset [548:9ffc066dbf6c] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaulttesting cairo.pxd, doesn't compile
13:12 Changeset [547:97f009115c69] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultremoving a random comment I added
12:15 Changeset [546:7846c2645df0] by Derek Rhodes <physci@…>
defaultfinished cairo.pxd
10:07 Changeset [545:0486f25bf8b8] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultBody will now identify itself to it's Mesh for each _render call
09:27 Changeset [544:19329a54ad53] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultgetting soy.meshes.Shape be compiled
09:16 Changeset [543:cc820fe3c196] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultTemplate for someone to start #889
04:15 Changeset [542:86902d9e40dc] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultGIMP's .soy save plugin (#891)


20:36 Changeset [541:61c5d35d1f9d] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultIncluding cairo's headers directory
20:31 Changeset [540:4843dbf1ade3] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaulttwo quick fixes
20:27 Changeset [539:102cbb77fd15] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultFor cairo text textures
01:06 Changeset [538:8d17e140e4b6] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultMore work on #235 and #236


23:30 Changeset [537:3fa0464688f2] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultpatching up misordered lines from last commit
23:09 Changeset [536:acbccd623ce8] by Nathanael Thompson
defaultode.pxd updated with functions from collision.h ( there will likely be …
22:33 Changeset [535:a66269031c49] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultmore work on #235 and #236
21:48 Changeset [534:c19bd47f3d0f] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultchange indentation level of last block
21:25 Changeset [533:cf3ddda59bcb] by Nathanael Thompson
defaultMore functions added to ode.pxd from collision.h
19:06 Changeset [532:6b277d5cbc8e] by Nathanael Thompson
defaultfixed some functions
18:32 Changeset [531:d3e633c0ae28] by Nathanael Thompson
defaultinitial work on #251
12:34 Changeset [530:49ab5b714908] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultwork on #235 (.soy loading)
10:51 OggSoy created by ArcRiley
10:50 Formats/soy edited by ArcRiley
03:31 Changeset [529:81cc4a2317e8] by Arc Riley <arcriley@…>
defaultInitial cairo bindings, needs more work


14:48 WikiStart edited by ArcRiley


05:00 Changeset [528:db879d4c7460] by Tom Sidwick
defaultscene.gravity affects bodies with a non-zero mass, camera is zero by …


14:22 ArcRiley edited by ArcRiley
14:20 ArcRiley edited by ArcRiley
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