Google Code-In 2011 Mentors

Juhani Åhman

Juhani worked on PySoy's scenes and physics aspects during Google Summer of Code 2011 and can help with problems regarding those areas.

He's interested in open source game and web development projects.

He's currently in University of Helsinki, Finland, studying computer science.

David Czech

David joined the project as a high school sophomore in 2007 after joining the #PySoy IRC channel on  Freenode. He didn't have a lot of knowledge but was interested in learning and helping where he could.

He started by compiling and packaging PySoy for Windows users, fixing Windows-related bugs, and working on our build system. He then started using  Ubuntu and has since worked extensively on virtually every part of the engine's codebase including our Firefox plugin and migration to a "cloud" architecture.

Last year he was a  grand prize winner in  Google Code-In 2010, choosing some of the most difficult tasks he could find to climb the leaderboard to the top 14.

Offline he's an avid cyclist and plays a fair number of console games, his favorite game is Portal.

He's now a freshman at  British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Nikki Henninger

Nikki is a professional web designer who's mentoring multimedia projects. While she doesn't have much technical experience with PySoy she knows most of our developers well and has a great deal of experience with the  FOSS community overall.

She lives in New York City.

Arc Riley

Arc was part of forming the PySoy project in 2005-2006 while running an after-school teen program in Ithaca, NY. He currently serves as the project's director.

He mentored for Google Summer of Code with the  Python Software Foundation for the past 6 years, mentored for Google's Highly Open Participation contest, and has served as the Python's Summer of Code org admin for the last three years. He's also the director for the  Copyleft Games Group and member of the  XMPP Standards Foundation.

When not glued to a keyboard he's training at the gym, playing rugby with the  Washington Renegades RFC, or working on an  electronics project.

He currently lives in Washington, DC with his husband  Eric Riley.

Anthus Williams

Anthus worked with PySoy for Google Summer of Code 2011, so he knows what it's like to feel out of one's depth. He can answer many questions regarding development on PySoy. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, where he studies mathematics at the University of Utah.