Google Code-In Tasks

This page is currently a scratchpad for proposed Google Code-In 2012 tasks. Remember this is a wiki, so the tasks listed here may not appear or be modified before being offered for the contest.

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Our mentors are on IRC and generally available to answer questions and help get setup with Mercurial, compiling the engine, setting up a development environment, or anything else you need to get started.

For more information about Google Code-In see the  Google Code-In site.

If you are interested in these tasks, join the #PySoy IRC Channel on freenode.


Tasks related to writing or refactoring code (Keep in mind the young age and likely inexperience of the student: the more independent thought and breadth of technical knowledge the task requires, the harder you should consider it. Try to break a task into multiple smaller tasks: if you can't - that's a hard task.)


Sphere and Cone
Correct the current Sphere Code to remove the hole at one end. Also, write code for a generic cone.


Bluez manager
Convert this  bluez manager to Genie. GUI components can be ignored.


If, during the course of installing PySoy from Mercurial, you find the instructions in INSTALL are incomplete (missing your distro, outdated package names, etc) - update INSTALL and commit your change to Mercurial.



Wiimote xinput IR pointer
Find ways to improve the IR pointer code w.r.t. speed and reduce noise.


PS3 controller plugin for bluez
Find ways to get the PS3 controller plugin written by antonio ospite into bluez mainline. Contact mayanks43 on irc for the current state and pointers. The bluez fork with the patch is  here.

Quality Assurance

Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality (varies by task)


Wiimote xinput module Tests
Install the  wiimote xinput module and report bugs you encounter. Mention atleast 5 bugs to complete the task. You need to test the button mapping as well as the IR pointer.

User Interface