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    1515'''Q:''' base the engine on OpenGL 1.4, isn't that really outdated? 
    17 '''A:''' Many game engines are based on OpenGL 2.0, or even 3.0, however most of our target audience for PySoy-based games are not using "modern" video cards.  We've decided to focus on CPU-side features, such as physics and networking, while allowing the engine to run just fine on baseline video hardware. 
     17'''A:''' While many game engines are based on OpenGL 2.0+, we aim for PySoy-based games to be playable on virtually any modern system including netbooks and smartphones.  We've decided to focus on convenience and fun for everyone, not just "gamers". 
    2020'''Q:''' use a threaded architecture?  isn't that pointless in Python? 
    22 '''A:''' The thread system, namely the [source:trunk/pysoy/src/_internals/LoopThread.pxi LoopThread] class, allows PySoy to utilize all cores, not just one, and even on single processor systems the threaded architecture gives us lower latency in physics and a higher fps.  We've been very careful to minimize the use of Python's Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) to keep these high-speed loops from interrupting Python-based game code. 
     22'''A:''' Much of PySoy runs in GObject-based threads which never need to hold Python's Global Interpreter Lock (GIL), and thus, PySoy can utilize all available cores on a server. 
     25'''Q:''' use so many [ Gnome] libraries? 
     27'''A:''' PySoy's primary development target is the Gnome desktop, as is used by [ Ubuntu] and most other modern GNU/Linux distributions.  As these libraries are cross-platform PySoy is also available on MacOSX and Windows. 
    2732'''A:''' We've seen from existing free software game networks that dedicated chat systems fail at building a viable player community.  By implementing [ XMPP] (aka Jabber) we allow any player using any PySoy based game to chat with any user on a federated server.  Players will be able to log in using their existing account(s), join chat rooms for different games, utilize ''teamspeak''-type chat via the [ Jingle extensions], and advertise their own servers.  The actual game play is done via [ ICE-UDP] for minimal latency. 
    30 '''Q:''' use [ Subversion] for your VCS?  Isn't everyone upgrading to [ Git]? 
    32 '''A:''' some of us use git-svn for local development, and it somewhat limits our flexibility to not use Git on the server.  The toolsets for using Git on Windows are still very young and apparently difficult to use.  We're very lucky to have skilled Windows developers on the PySoy team keeping the engine fully cross-platform.  Since we don't want to make this more difficult for them, we're holding off upgrading to Git until it's Windows support is more mature. 
    6666Q: Should I use PySoy for 2D games? 
    68 A: In most cases, using PySoy for 2D games is not the right choice.  If you're looking at a 3d side scroller, akin to Little Big Planet, PySoy may be ideal. 
     68A: If you're looking at a 3d side scroller, akin to Little Big Planet, PySoy may be ideal.  For true 2D games you may want to consider [ PyGame]. 
    8383'''A:''' We're not anti-meat, we're anti-wheat, and to be a true part of the PySoy team you must swear an oath to rid the world of heathen gluten-lovers.  In all seriousness, some of us are, but the name is really just something we have fun with.