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We generally treat the Mercurial repositories for PySoy as wikis - fairly easy to get to, but we do want to keep it tidy. Toward that end, first commit should be done to the mailing list to ensure the metadata is correct. Mercurial makes this really simple, edit your ~/.hgrc file with your name, email address, and SMTP password. Note that if you use GMail, you'll need to  create an application-specific password.


username = Arc Riley <>
merge = hgdiff3

from = Arc Riley <>
to =

host =
port = 587
tls = starttls
username =
password = smtp_password

color =
patchbomb =


After you add this, which notably ensures your username (full name and email) are recorded so you get proper credit for your work, commit your work (potentially more than one commit) and run this using the revision of the first commit in the series:

> hg email 99999

If you didn't catch the revision number when you committed, use hg log | less to find the first one you made. Replace 99999 above with the number before the colon.