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The following package are necessary in order to start compiling on Windows.

Libsoy has many dependencies that are not trivial to compile on Windows. For your convenience there is a .zip containing prebuilt binaries for those dependencies. Consult the README file in that archive for instructions on installing them with MinGW.

libsoy 1.0 beta 3 Windows dependency pack

Getting the Source

You will need to get the experimental branch of the libsoy Mercurial using a Mercurial client such as TortoiseHG.


Libsoy uses the ./waf utility to build the code. Open a MinGW shell and navigate to the directory where you checked out libsoy and execute the following commands:

./waf configure --check-c-compiler=gcc
./waf build

That's it! soy.h and soy.dll will be available in the build directory.