Fluid Dynamics with Pyrex

Robert Chuvala robert.chuvala@…


I’m proposing to work on the PySoy project for the Google Summer of Code. The focus of my project will be with the fluid dynamics module for PySoy. I propose to use a basic trigonometric formula, implemented in Pyrex for speed, to show the effects of displacement of objects when placed into a fluid. If that fluid is air or water, the displacement and 'waves' or turbulence are similar. I will use mathematical equations to make the algorithms, but implement it in a Pyrex environment. The effect of wind upon a wave, and how it attributes to it's shape and movement will also become a part of the Object Oriented API I am going to develop.

Creating a high level object oriented API for programmers to use, that would account for water displacement and waves, would be a project that I think Pyrex would be able to handle effectively and quickly. My main goal for this summer is to develop a cohesive object oriented interface that would allow programmers to easily import and customize for their specific applications. My goal is to create an API that would be a good base for a body of water or ocean.

The majority of the project will focus on the water surface and surface tension. Showing the effects of a object being placed , thrown or dropped into the fluid and the subsequent waves or ripples, and through the API allow it to adjust for other waves or disturbances in that fluid.

Who I am

I currently attend a community college in Central Ny. My major is Computer Science and I hope to transfer next fall to the Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton New York. I have experience with Assembly, Java, C++, Visual Basic and a number of web based programming languages.

As an older returning student, I am well qualified in being able to set deadlines and meet goals in a timely fashion. Ten years of professional experience have taught me what it takes to handle a project, even when I am not as well versed in the subject material as others.

I am looking forward to having an excuse to finally throw myself in a Python type language, as it has been a goal of mine for the past 12 months.


5/20-6/12 Familiarize myself with Pyrex and it's working relationship within PySoy
6/12-6/20 Begin working out the physics of waves and develop the Mathematical algorithms.
6/20-6/24 Work on reactions of waves hitting waves and “objects” within the water
6/25–6/26 Release w/ example code, look for feedback on project
6/26-7/10 Introduce wind turbulence , and the fluids reaction to bodies in motion within the fluid
7/10-7/24 Begin to focus on the development of a good API module
7/24-8/21 Create an example game, simulating wind swept waves on an ocean surface and object surfing or skimming along the surface of the water with a displacement of water and subsequent waves.