Jackilyn Hoxworth
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I’m proposing to work on the PySoy project for the Google Summer of Code. The focus of my project will be with the water object for PySoy. My goal for this project is a beautiful water object. If I have time I will work on water reflection, wind, or particle effects (grass, leaves, rain, snow etc). I will use mathematical equations to make the algorithms. This will benefit PySoy because it will make it seem more life like.

The majority of the project will focus on the water surface. For the waves I will research and determine which equation or equations would be the best to use. For example the waves could be from made by a moving object on the surface, by raindrops or normal waves. I'll implement Level of Detail (LOD). The level of detail should be higher for closest part of the water surface, and on the waves.

Also when the camera is underwater the water will be darker.

About Me
Right now I attend a small community college, Black Hawk College and I will be graduating with my Associates in Science this may. Then I will be a junior at Illinois State University in the fall of this year. I will be getting my BS in Mathematics and my BS in Computer Science in 2008. The only language I have been formally taught is C++. I’ve dabbled around in Python, Java, and PHP. So this will basically be my introduction to Python.

I plan on dedicating this summer to working on an open source project. I am very eager to help the open source community and Google’s Summer of Code is the perfect opportunity. I want dedicate my whole time to this rather than getting a side job. I believe this will help me get my foot into the open source community and continue helping out with random projects for a long time. I made this proposal because I really wanted to participate in this year’s Summer of Code and I was looking around for something that I would be able to do and still interesting. So I decided that this weather effects project would be the best. I am the best individual for this project because I am very motivated, I will spend my time with it, devote my whole summer to it, I have the mathematical ability to make these algorithms, and I am very excited about working on it. But I'm still a beginner so I might need help along the way.

5/29 - 6/12: Implementing "liquid wave" algorithm on grid mesh
6/12 - 6/19: Combine with LOD provided by soy.Land module
6/19 - 6/26: Release w/ example code, receive feedback
6/26 - 7/10: Floating objects support
7/10 - 7/31: Underwater camera effects
8/01 - 8/14: Build mini-game/example which demonstrates all these
8/14 - 8/21: Week-off if everything is finished