== XMPP Pidgin Plugin ==

I would like to complete the XMPP pidgin plugin along with chat widgets and voice chat. The pidgin application can be launched by a user and the PySoy games plugin is selected there. Once launched, the PySoy game will open in a separate GUI window and maintain a chat IRC window below for interactive chat between players. Anyone can join this IRC channel so that players can communicate to anyone in and out of the game. On the side, will be options for voice chat, volume control, who to speak to, etc.

== Milestones ==

By the start date, I will:

  • fully understand all necessary code, libraries, and applications. Some include: PySoy, glib/gobject, understand how to create a plugin for Pidgin, GIMP
  • Consult with mentor to finalize milestones

By the midterm, I will:

  • complete all the necessary work to get a working plugin for Pidgin XMPP that will run PySoy games and allow interactive chat.

By the final, I will:

  • complete all testing and documentation necessary to show the project is fully operational and ready for distribution
  • add in the voice chat as a bonus feature