Project Title: PySoy: WebSoy, A browser plugin for libsoy

Organization: Python Software Foundation


The development of an NPAPI-based plugin which allows for access to libsoy-based games via most major web browsers.


Start of Program (May 24)

First and foremost, I will be reading up on and experimenting with browser plugin development, implementing a few basic tests. I will also continue working on libsoy in order to gain a deeper understanding of its workings.

Midterm Evaluation (May 24 - July 12)

By the midterm evaluation, I hope to be able to present an alpha version of the plugin, capable of interfacing with the libsoy library. My expectation is to spend the remainder of the project duration resolving issues and enhancing functionality.

Final Evaluation (July 12 - Aug 16)

By the pencils down date, the plugin should be functional enough to correctly run - although perhaps not via a network-connection - the example TwoCubes?.py.

About Me

My name is Fredrik Karlström. Originally from Sweden, I am currently a second-semester Computer Science undergraduate student at a university in Ensenada, northern Mexico. I began building web pages when I was still in elementary school, and I worked professionally for roughly two years before heading off to Mexico to continue my studies.

As a long-term user of FOSS I've always wanted to involve myself in open source projects, and needless to say GSoC would be the perfect opportunity to do so. My language of choice is Python, but I have plenty of experience with several others as well, including C, which would be utilized (alongside with Genie?) in this project.

Contact Info

Name: Fredrik Karlström


Email: cbsmth@…

IRC: lfk@freenet