About me

Hello, I am André Romão da Silva Lourenço. I'm a 19 years old Informatics Engineering student from University of Évora, Portugal.

You can check some projects I've worked on through the following links:


 2D Projectiles

 Numberlink Solver


 Gravity Model

Why PySoy

I would like to work on the PySoy Wii U Game-pad support that you proposed for Google Summer of Code 2014. I started programmed almost 6 years ago and my goal is to work on game development. This is one of the reasons I would love to work on PySoy project. It’s the first time I'm applying for Google Summer of Code and it's also the first time I'm looking forward to work on an Open Source project.

Skills that might be important

I used Windows for a long time, but in the last two years I've been using Linux (Ubuntu/Mint?), so I'm used to it. My main language is C++, although I already programmed in C, Python, C# and Java. As a programmer, I have to adapt myself to any language or tool that might be needed in a project. I already started to learn vala language.

Project Description

To complete the task, the idea is to integrate the Wii U GamePad? in PySoy, so pysoy games can be played through it.This will be done by Vala bindings for libsoy, written in C Language and using libdrc C wrapper library. These bindings will be used to integrate the GamePad? in pysoy. PySoy games can be played on Wii U’s GamePad? using it's features, such as keys, sound streaming, video streaming and touch pad. I’ll give priority to the keys, then touch pad and finally audio and video streaming.
Video and Audio streaming can be easily done creating a drc::Streamer and Start() function when the streaming has to start. In case of the video streaming, we will need to write something like streamer->PushVidFrame?(&pixels, width, height, pixel_format), or streamer->PushAudSamples?(samples). The keys part can be done using a utility named SystemInputFeeder?. There is another way to handle input named PollInput? that also handles the touchpad. It might be more complex than with SystemInputFeeder?, but since we need the touchpad, using PollInput? also for the keys, might be an option. In the end any game developed with pysoy should be playable through the Wii U GamePad? using all it's features refered above.


Extra Research

I am researching about the hardware (Wii U GamePad?/DRC) and I'm also learning Vala Language, that has a similar syntax to C#. When I achieve my Wii U GamePad? I'll have to connect it to the computer and research and test better libdrc. I also want to create some simple things with pysoy to be more familiar with the engine.

This project is perfect for me. It’s something I believe I can have a lot of fun working on and it’s on my favorite subject, Game Development. I hope I can work on PySoy and learn a lot with you guys.

André Lourenço