Google's Summer of Code is a program intended to grow the free software community and is an amazing opportunity for students, yet very few of our applicants from previous years have been women. As we are clearly missing this sizable demographic, we are conducting outreach to women to attract a broader pool of talent.

We emphasize attitude over experience in selecting candidates in our mentoring programs. Many of our current developers joined the project with little to no experience and learned through participation. Our project also offers a number of unique challenges to satisfy a broad range of interests and expertise.

Students are paid $5000 over the Summer to work from home on a task they choose as outlined in their application. Each student has a primary mentor within the group of developers they work with on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and email. Their primary mentor is responsible for helping them integrate with the community, refine their goals to meet Summer of Code program deadlines, and evaluate the student's progress in the program.

Strong student applicants have:

  • Good social and communication skills
  • Some programming experience (and interest in learning more)
  • Comfort with online chat and blogging
  • Interest in game design and development ("Little Big Planet" type games)

A background in art, computer science, design, math, music theory, physics, psychology, and/or writing is useful depending on the application. Experience in Python programming is not required.

The first step in applying is emailing arcriley@gmail.com to setup a time to meet online. You can also reach the developers most of the day by  connecting to IRC and joining the #PySoy developer channel.

We'll discuss your areas of experience and what you'll need to get started. We have a few ideas posted for possible projects, but part of the application process is refining a project idea that best utilizes your background and interests.

Student applications for 2011 must be submitted to Google by April 8. Students may submit draft applications for mentor feedback and continue to edit their applications until April 8th.

Other internship programs are being worked on for later in 2011 for tasks other than coding such as documentation, artwork/design, testing, quality assurance, and video tutorials. Follow the above contact steps if you're interested in this as well.