Summer of Code Mentors

Role of the Mentor

Each primary mentor works directly with a single student over the Summer to:

  • help integrate with the developer community
  • (re)negotiate their goals over the Summer
  • monitor progress to ensure the student is getting the help they need
  • submit evaluations of students to Google so they can be paid

Technical assistance is generally given by all developers in the program (including other GSoC students) and developers of the libraries, tools, and protocols we use. Thus, the primary mentor's stewardship is largely social rather than technical.


Buddha Buck

Buddha has served as adviser and mentor to the project since its inception. While he isn't an active developer, he can answer most questions regarding game physics and object oriented programming.

He lives in Ithaca, NY.

Nikki Henninger

Nikki has volunteered to help the PySoy project increase our diversity by mentoring for Summer of Code. While she doesn't have much technical experience with PySoy she knows most of our developers well and has a great deal of experience with the  FOSS community overall.

She lives in New York City.

Sofia Lemons

Sofia is an  experienced developer in the  FOSS community. She has extensive knowledge in AI algorithms, Android development, Python virtual machines, and has participated in Summer of Code as both a student and mentor.

She's a Masters of Education student at the University of New Hampshire, working toward her certifications in math and computing.

Arc Riley

Arc serves as maintainer for the PySoy project and educational outreach officer for the Python Software Foundation. He works on every part of the engine and can thus answer most technical questions about the PySoy project.

He currently live in Washington, DC with his husband,  Eric Riley.

Eric Stein

Eric joined the PySoy project in 2007 as a Summer of Code student and has been one of our most active developers since. He mentored for Summer of Code in 2009 and 2010.

Recently moved to Chicago, IL.