Project Title: Mesh Editor

Student: Samah Majadla



The final product of this project would be a GUI tool that would allow a user to edit meshes interactively within PySoy. PySoy is a 3D cloud game engine that has been developed for Python. While users can currently create and edit meshes, they can only do so by using the interactive Python prompt; having a user interface to work with would make using PySoy to edit meshes much simpler.


April 20 – May 22

I would like to start getting more familiar with PySoy, as well as with Genie. Create and edit a couple of meshes, and map out how they would best be translated into a GUI tool.

May 23 – June 6

Layout the basic user interface. Tools that I would like to start implementing:

  • Create mesh (with different options: cube, sphere, how many edges/vertices/faces)

June 7 – June 21

Finish up the create mesh tool. Tools that I would like to implement:

  • vertex/face selector
  • move vertex/face

June 22 – July 6

Tools that I would like to implement:

  • Expand/shrink mesh
  • edit normals

July 7 – July 15 (Mid-term evaluation deadline)

  • Submit mid-term evaluation
  • If any of the tools haven’t been completed at this point, use this week to finish them.
  • Deal with any unforeseen complications.
  • If there are none, start working on the delete vertex/vertices tool.

July 16 – July 30

Tools I would like to implement:

  • Delete vertex/face tool
  • Change material

July 31 – August 14

Tools I would like to implement:

  • perhaps a split face tool?
  • insert new vertex?

August 15 – August 26 (Final evaluation deadline)

I would like to use this two week period to finish up my final evaluation and deal with any problems that may come up during the summer.

About me:

Hello! I’m a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College, and am a Studio Art and Computer Science double major. I am extremely interested in graphics and animation, and would like to get more involved in game development. If you want to know more about my programming/animation experience (or about anything else!) feel free to send me an email!

email: samahmajadla@…

 resume username: Samah