What is PySoy?
-The only parts of the game that exist on your computer are the parts that render the graphics.
-Why is this important?
--Games can be run on computers that do not have a lot of general processing power.
-Also that you can run games on multiple devices. Android phones, computers.
-Platform independent 
-The processing power is distributed.
-The client is burdened with only the parts of the game that are appropriate to run on the client.
-This also means that you don't have to download the full game. Only some graphics resources that you need.
-Can you write games on the platform with out having to worry about it being extremely hard?
-If you were trying to write games, what are the things that make your job hard?
-The challenge of participating and development of a sophisticated gaming platform.
-The things that make this challenging are:

The attractive thing about this, for developers of PySoy is:
-Being part of something that could become big.
-Something that runs on a wide range of devices.
-"Free from the shackles of a proprietary platform"
-"A platform where support for new devices can be quickly accomplished."
-The potential market for this is HUGE. There are hundreds of millions of potential clients.

The attractive thing about this, for developers of games are:
-Makes it easier to write games for the large market.


"The cloud. A place where games live.

The same game can be played in different places, be it a tablet, android phone, or PC.
It doesn't matter where. It's for everyone.(Except those weird IOS hippie losers, with their iPhones and their iPads! =3 )

PySoy provides a distributed platform for games:
A cloud server, on which the game exists and
A client on which the game is played.

A platform where games programming becomes simpler.
A platform on which the game maker can concentrate on the game, instead of the platform.
A platform that is supported on a wide range of user devices.
This means better games with less effort.

This client-server architecture maintains the state of the game for the player,
and is ideal for supporting multi-player games.

You can be part of building this world. 
At PySoy, we're making this a reality."


The cloud.

It means providing a service, not a product.
And bigger ideas, for smaller things.
A world you can experience where you don't need
something expensive to have a good time.

That's what cloud gaming is.
With cloud gaming, you can play with any device, 
like your computer, your .
You can also play on older and slower 

But playing games isn't the end. If you're
good at programming, art, or just want to help,
you can contribute.

Just go to Gamers everywhere will thank you.